Belarusian breakfast with fighters and pupats

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 1 People
  • 1 The salon cuts in small pieces, roast in a rocked pan until the crust is formed. Take off the pans from the napkin.
  • 2 Burn the brisket with a thickness of 1 cm and wipe the bottom of the plate.
  • 3 Cleaned and washed potatoes shall be wiped in a small terrace together with one bulb.
  • 4 Add a mixture of 1 egg, salt and peppers of taste, as well as a small, cut rabbit and pet.
  • 5 Tightly mix it up and pour it out.
  • 6 In the fat rolled, bury darts (approximately 2 litres per fight).
  • 7 Burn to the golden color of a second bulb, a bath and a second egg, and emplaced and stubborn.
  • 8 Put the brisket on the brisket, stealing the fried bow, the socks and the socks. Put the egg and the bill nearby. Put the dishes on the rest of the small, cut rabbits and pearls.
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