Caramelized found chocolate cake

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 10 People
  • 1 First, we make skins. We call six eggs in the deep mice to white. We'll get a cup of sugar, we'll be 3-4 minutes. Then we're gonna put a glass of flour on the table, and we're gonna keep pounding. As soon as all the flour fits into the testo, we add cocoa (2-2.5 table spoons with a mountain). Actually, I'm adding cocoa to an eye-defining amount of the test-if it's quite bright, which means you can add.
  • 2 We'll clean up the shape or burial of the bakery paper, smeared by the vegetable oil, or we'll be able to clean up the paper(s) and get tested and put it in a little warm oven.
  • 3 We'll get the crust before we get ready.
  • 4 Let's get some silicon. For the insides of the cake. 180 greas of cream oil. We're adding one bank of goose, we're gonna hit before we get homogeneous white on cream. You'll have to try the cream if it tastes too oily, but add a little more diaper if it's oil. So, it's perfect. 2.3, or even 4 table spoons (without a pot) of cocoa, add at the end and weigh. Cocoa, too. Someone's gonna like a chocolate taste of cream, someone less.
  • 5 We'll set up Cream No. 2 to unlock the cake outside. We call hands, in a small mice, one table spoon of cream oil, one table spoon of drip and one and two sugar cane.
  • 6 A paragraph that should be the first to stand, but I have a case every time before it comes to the middle of a cake. I mean, if you're cooking in the summer, you're going to make sure you do it in advance, and you're going to end up in the middle of a process like me. There's a cup of sugar in the carpet and two glasses of water heating to the boiling, permanently laughing. As soon as we're done, we'll take it off and we'll keep cool. Watch carefully and don't screw up!
  • 7 We'll put the first cord on the counter, put the knife in, and we'll wash it. We add Cream No. 1 without pity. We distribute it equally on the surface of the skin. We put the second line on this prepared " rationale " and we smash it. We're looking at the side of cake with cream number one.
  • 8 We'll heat sugar in a thick-fed carpet, and as soon as it's warmed up, we'll add some water, like half a glass. (Stephen) Don't forget to hang out all the time. As soon as the caramel is ready, we'll get the nuts to mix them with caramel.
  • 9 We put nuts on a big flat plate, or a board, and we're leaving for 20 minutes.
  • 10 As long as the nuts remain, the top of the cake is cream No. 2.
  • 11 Be careful, one by one, putting the nuts on top of the cake.
  • 12 Stay in a cold place. You can eat a cake in about an hour if time is tight. It's perfect for the cake to be a night.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 1302
  • Total Fat 50,9 g
  • Protein 13,2 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 1302 g
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