Do you know what to say correctly: "Borschews." This time, I tried so hard that my husband asked, "Where's the fluid?”, even though she loves the ultra-high beard) And in order to put it on, it must be dense and naive. But as we know, how many owners, so many beard options, and from meat to vegetables and cooking. For example, in poor student years, I've been screaming chicken furnaces and nothing is delicious! Borch is one of the cheapest soups you can even make vegetarian. The number of vegetables may be any, depending on the size of the potassium and, indeed, the vegetables themselves. For example, the kale stick always takes the smallest one in the store. Vegetables don't eat at all, and you can get a beautiful color and taste. Well, experiment, and it'll work! The only thing that needs to be done is make color brighter and more beautiful. And I'm still trying.

  • Time 1.30 minutes
  • Servings 8 People
  • 1 Put the pork in the cold water, put it to boiling, put it in half an hour (in a pressure car, it's gonna be full, in a stove, I think, too, but just in case, don't try the meat before you cut it, and don't make sure there's no blood).
  • 2 Prepared or almost ready to remove the meat from the boulon, to cool it, to cut into small pieces to ensure that there is a lot of meat in each piece and every one would try it.
  • 3 As long as pork's lying, clean, clean, clean, and slice potatoes with little bits of arbitrary size, put it in a water tank so it doesn't warm up. The cabbage is free from the top filthy and porn leaves, after which it is good to wash the swing. And you can sniff or just cut the cabbage with a little long stripes. These products will be the first thing we need to do, so it's best to finish them right away.
  • 4 After the meat has been removed from the bulon, re-enter it to boiling and put in the boiling water pieces of pork and cut potatoes to be ready.
  • 5 As long as the potato lies, cleans and cleans the carrots, the beetle, the forehead, the carrots, and the beetle on the big tread, the forehead shall be fine. Heated a couple of spoons in the pancreas, but you could be quiet without him, so you didn't write. First, fire the onion, then put the carrots in the same pantry, fire, then add the beetle, heat all together. For the vegetables to remain bright, add the ukus to them in the pantry (I use the red wine to, first of all, not take one of those, remember, the Soviet one with the scissors to cut, and secondly, with the beast's wine vinegar becomes the cider and saturated).
  • 6 After the potato weed, put it in the cabbage pot, let it barge. At this time, you'll be quiet about the vegetables. The cabbage will be in a boulon in about 10 minutes, after which you put the roasted vegetables on, make sure that the beautiful beetle is equitably distributed, reduce the stove temperature, now let it be on a small flame. Add a lavre leaf, black pepper, hammer or peas (I'm nowhere, but tastes are different, so not on the list).
  • 7 In 10 minutes, the burglar is ready. Let him stand for another 30 minutes, then scatter the deep plates, give him thet, black bread, the garlic and the salom!
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 334
  • Total Fat 14,8 g
  • Protein 29 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 334 g
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