Semgo and Avocado Burger

  • Time 40 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Fake preparation. It's easy to cut the seeds, mix it with olive butter, green bulb, dry, squirrel. Embassy and taste. Formulate four flat boilers to the size of the bow and leave in the fridge for minutes 15-20.
  • 2 For creative sauce, mix cheese, cedru, petty cut thin (approximately 1 p.m.) and 1-2 sliche.
  • 3 Get out of the refrigerator and fire half the cream oil for four minutes on each side. At this time, clean the avocado leather, get the bone and cut the thin slices.
  • 4 Ring buns cut into two parts. To warm up on the charcoal the remaining half of the cream oil and burn the inner side of the bow to the light crust.
  • 5 Burger formation. It's hard to smash the bottom half of each bottle with a cream sauce. Put slices of avocado on it, and put the leaves of the young spine on it. Put the cattle and cover the top bun.
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