Friskets (7 Recipes)

Fricades are a beautiful dish, which is a meat or fish-fish balls welded in a boulon. Fricadelec receptors are only a set of sheets, based on meat, chicken or fish fairs, with the addition of a small, cut bulb and green. In some kitchens, Fricadalek's porridge adds brush bread and, less, nuts. Unlike a teefle pearl in the meatballs, they never add crups or vegetables, they barge them strictly in a boulone or soup, but they never heat or carve. Preparing meatballs is easy, and soup with them is joy for children and saving parents. For home fries to be showered, the porch passes through a meat cut several times and mixes with a black pepper and a rotten butter. Pycan tastes like meatballs. Such an interesting version of meatballs would make the usual peas soup almost delicate. The secret of the Italian chef's frigadele cloth is to mix a few meats. The master's smartly mixing the baranine with pork and beef, or only beef with pork. If the meatballs serve in the soup, the docks don't have plums and complicated sauces. The best meal will be supplemented by home-grown and fresh green.