Freekas (2 Recipes)

Frickase is a French dish, which is a white meat stew in a thick cream sauce. Fricassée in translation from French means " everything " , so there is no single fricace recipe. Typically, dishes are made of light meat, mainly chickens or rabbits, and there are fewer options for making special home pigeons and veal meat. In the classic recipe of fricace, chickens cut small pieces, roasted in cream oils to a little golden crust, and then put flour and carcase in a boulone. A mixture of cream and egg yellows shall be added in the mass equivalent, and the pepper and lemon juice shall be pumped before the shed. Friqas can be cooked at home with any vegetables that are well combined with birds and creams. It's perfect for mushrooms, green sparks, peas and capers. Fricase is served with potatoes, macaroons or white rice. A lot of postage prescriptions and photographs have been prepared by our authors.