Pure (7 Recipes)

Pure, the perfect dish for children, thinks many. And wrong. Pure is potato, meat, vegetable or fruit. It's not just a mass with strange taste and color, it's a full-blown dish that can be delivered both on its own and as a garrier. For example, well-prepared potatoes are combined with fish, birds and meat. It's a classic recipe from welded potatoes, cream oil, salt and milk. The lumbar is made in a blender of any kind of meat. Before that, he's well cooked or cooked for a couple. You can sell spaghetti or potatoes. It's really good for baby food. Fruit or vegetation peppers are interested in what looks beautiful on the plate. Red carrots, ruby beetle or gentle green broccoli, glued and mixed with creams, salt and spices, will not only be a useful garrier, but also jewellery on sandwiches, canapes, eggs and tartalets. Any menu will win this way. Our authors share pearl prescriptions and photographs of them.