Pudding (1 Recipes)

Pudding is a traditional English dish, a sort of axe. A lot of people think pudding is just a sweet dessert of eggs, sugar, milk and flour cooked on a water bath. However, initially it was not sweet, but it was a dense oatmeal on a fat butcher with bread crumbs, raisins, almonds, plums and honey, and it was placed on the Christmas table. According to this tradition, the cooks still produce a yorkshire pudding with baran fat, black pudding with a blood sausage and white pudding without blood. In some cities, hot pudding is prepared from a clay mixture of different varieties and parts of meat and subproducts. However, such an option is not used for an untouched astronomer. So modern pudding, more often, light, air, sweet meal. The sweet pudding, which is easy to cook at home recipes, adds fruit and buckles. Pudding with creativity and orange, dry fructs and berries is especially good. They're purely refrigerated and the prescriptions vary greatly. For example, in order to make the glue, some owners replace flour for bread, manku or rice, then the pudding holds the shape long. Like the meat, the dessert pudding on top of the top decorates the topping from the cognac and sugar, and it burns in flames. It is considered that, under such technology, the meal is as good as possible. The pudding prepared by all the rules doesn't glow or worm a long time.