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Steak is a fat juicy piece of meat that burns to a certain state. An important point in steak preparation is to seal the meat juice by fast fire on a strong fire. The steak meat is cut only perpendicular to muscle fibers. The beef steak may also be called a biphscex. Steaks also cook from fish, meat porridge, pork, etc. The best way to fire a steak is to use a portable grill or, at least, to bury a grill. But especially aromatic and delicious steaks are produced on coals. Steaks are also prepared from bizon meat, camels, goats, horses, kangaroo, sheep, pores, pigs, reindeer, turkeys, and various fish species, especially salmons and marine fish, such as fish-fish, shark. Vegetarians call many dishes as steaks, for example, hot mushroom portobello is a mushroom steak. And fried fruit like watermelons will also be considered a steak recipe.