Tomat soup (1 Recipes)

On the basis of the tomato soup recipe, there are always appetitive tomatoes of different classes, but there are many options for preparation. Tomat soup can be made both from fresh tomatoes and from a purchased tomato paste and even a simple tomato juice. The difference will not be so much in consistence as in the shade of taste: the tomatoes alone will make the tomato soup really summer - it's better to be cold with the fine tuber and green, and the prepared saturated paste will give the dish a visible solo taste and be good for hot soup pears, It's just a delicious dish that can be made so that it becomes a star of menu on any holiday and any weather. On, there are many prescriptions for a tomato soup at home, with beans, meatballs, rice, chicken, cheese or vegetarian. Hot, dry tomato soup with buckles is warming up in the rainy weather, and the rusty cookies delivered to it will replace bread and retain the figure. Cold tomato soup wants to eat even in the heat when other dishes don't seem so attractive. There's no way to give up the cold gazpacho, soup is bodriting and energy charging. The Turkish tomato soup with the garlic that Kemer's famous is constantly attracting tourists from around the world, and the Italian version of the tomato soup is a separate page in the history of the national kitchen.