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The furry is a known delicious and nutritious dish, similar to the Hungarian goul. Flexible welded meat, fries with potatoes, vegetables and spices, swelled with filthy sludge and delivered in the throat. All vegetables can be cooked at home. In the classic recipe, fresh meat is hanging in a deep casana with a large cartoon cut, whole garlic, butter, carrots and mushrooms. The main condition of the real hot is juicy, well prepared meat. You can put it in big pieces or cut it on small cubes, depending on the size of the pot, but the other parts should be chosen. The meat is considered to be ready when it loses approximately one third of the weight in the preparation process. To preserve the strength, the dishes need to be filled when the meat is almost ready. There are many hot cooking options. According to the traditional recipe, he is cooked in Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Romanian kitchens. The type of meat can be any, but the most vicious and dense heat comes from beef and pork. Bludo, like a brothel, becomes even better after a few days when the meat gives juice and the vegetables are aromat.