Bovine with Bulgarian peppers by Shinkitai

  • Time 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 With a piece of beef, we cut all the films, we cut the meat with thin plates, and then those plates cut with straw. We're trying to make sure we have a meat straw of about the same length and thickness, so it'll be aesthetic.
  • 2 Further, we need to make marinades for meat, so we mix two table spoons of rice vinegar with four table spoons of soy sauce, and we put three garlic tooth in the bowl.
  • 3 Cut beef will be sent to a deep bowl, a little embroidered, a black fresh-molinated pepper, a pot of potty powder and a meat marinade, carefully mixed, and leave the beef to be marinated for about 40 minutes.
  • 4 As long as the meat is marinous, we'll make vegetables. We'll brush three more garlic tooths, clean the whole forehead and Bulgarian peppers. The feathers will be cut by mid-size, the onion is not too thin with a straw, the whole vegetable component of our dish.
  • 5 Now we need a gas station for our meal. We'll put three garlic tooths in a separate bowl, we'll take half the garlic of a red hammer.
  • 6 And finally it's time to start cooking beef with Bulgarian peppers. Installation of deep sorrow (preferably water) into the fire, pouring oil into it to hide the bottom about 1-5 centimetres, in a large flat dishes, saturated the edge of the crumble, andtocking the meat. As soon as the oil heats and light smoke comes from it, we start sending the meat back to the pan until the meat fills the bottom of the pan in one layer. If you get all the meat straight, it'll probably slide. So take your time and fire all the beef in several stages. The ready party of the roasted beef is sent to a separate deep thermal bow (cell, clay or ceramic).
  • 7 After all the meat is roasted and completely out of the pan, we're going to go roast Bulgarian peppers. And right away, next, we're going to the Bulgarian peppers with a cut beetle. verbal obsess about vegetables for about two minutes without forgetting them to interfere intensively. Then we're going to send a noise to the roasted beetle and the Bulgarian peppers to the beef, trying to make the glacier out of the vegetable red oil.
  • 8 We're sending a green beans to the liberated burial, and we'll fire it quickly (not more than 1-2 minutes). We're sending beans to beef with vegetables, we're scrutinizing, and in principle our beef is entirely Chinese. It can be filled with sauce and put warm on the table. Or you can serve as a hot meal. To this end, we need to clean the water and put the beef and all the vegetables in it, fill the garlic-perform sauce, mix, add the juncture and heated no more than three minutes.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 879
  • Total Fat 52 g
  • Protein 44,7 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 879 g
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