Indian Lanomy (Rasgulla)

  • Time 40 minutes
  • Servings 1 People
  • 1 First, we need to make a panic, but it's more common for us to call it a creator, though it's not exactly a creativity. Push 1 litre of milk in the pot.
  • 2 When you're constantly laughing, you'll slowly put two to three table beds of lemon juice in milk. In a minute or another, the creativity is separated from the serum.
  • 3 Get him through the marble, clean up the warm water, tie the marble and get a good burn. It's a panir.
  • 4 Open the creativity on the working surface.
  • 5 Now you're going to have to scrutinize him until he's completely homogeneous.
  • 6 Put your hands on small balls, size with a walnut or a little less. The balls must be smooth, round and without cracking. Let's make some sugar syrup.
  • 7 Put a third litre of water in a clean pot and put 150 grams of sugar in it.
  • 8 When you're constantly laughing, get the syrup to boil. Let him take five minutes.
  • 9 Put our balls down in the ready boiling syrup. Leave a little space between them, because the balloons are about two to three times. Cover them with a lid and a quarter to 15.
  • 10 Now put that pot in the cold water, cover the lid and leave it for about 24 hours. During this time, the balloons are getting a good syrup and you'll get a great walk.
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