Potato and cheese eggs

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Read it, mine, cut the thin potato mugs and put it on the napkin.
  • 2 We're gonna fire two scoundrels, one on a strong one the other on a weak one.
  • 3 On a strong fire, we fire a potato on two sides, putting it in one layer on the pan. You can live on any vegetable oil. I sometimes fry on an unrefined sunflower, nostalgic. The two-way fries are moving to the second pan. Let him go. We repeat this process three to four times. The pan must be full of appetite fries.
  • 4 As long as the last piece of potatoes gets warm, we break into a bow of 5-6 eggs, salts, we chop up a vein and bring milk.
  • 5 Three on the terrace cheese. I prefer Russian eggs. He's sharp. We add cheese to the chatter.
  • 6 We'll see under the second scoundrel of fire, wait for 30 to 40 seconds, and we'll get a chatter into it.
  • 7 We'll lower the beetle with thin half-colps and fire it on the free first parrot until the golden candle.
  • 8 As soon as the egg starts to plug, we'll keep the fire to a minimum. Be careful with a wide table knive, patch the ovine (almost parallel to the pan) in 4-5 locations and add the cream oil to the " spill " places.
  • 9 Three more cheese on eggs, we'll put dry rabbits and we'll close the lid.
  • 10 10 to 15, we're all cooking under the roof on the slow light, and we're steaming the pan every 2 to 3 minutes for a uniform fire.
  • 11 Turn off the fire and serve the table. We put a portion of eggs on each plate, a fried butt and a couple of salty cucumbers. Do you understand? Of course! We'll get a sweaty lafitnic out of the fridge.
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