Egg Benedict

  • Time 50 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 So, we're making the American-French dishes at home like the best restaurants. Fill the water to the edges. Add the vinegar. Bring the water to boiling, and then reduce the fire before you throw the eggs.
  • 2 Well, you don't have to throw it. Carefully break the eggs so that the yellows stay together, put them in the water. Take off the fire, cover the lid and hold five minutes.
  • 3 Watch out for the noise, get the eggs.
  • 4 Burn the toast and put it on every pair of bacon pultics.
  • 5 Do the sauce, pick up the eggs with lemon juice.
  • 6 Add the warm, warm oil.
  • 7 Try some more and add hot water. Ambassador and later, the sauce is ready.
  • 8 Put it on the toast with bacon and pashot eggs, field the sauce and steal the green.
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