Cabbage, meat-sniff

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 The beam shall be trimmed and roasted in fat (game oil) to the characteristic smell. As long as it burns on the forehead, add the cheek of the mitten. Tmin won't ruin the taste, but he'll give his raisin. In the meantime, we'll cut to the cubes (or how it works). So, the onions are fried, we're putting in the tea spoon of the hammer red folder, moving fast and adding the cut meat. We've been laughing again and adding 200 g of water or bulon. Like the meat, the fire, and the meat down and down. The meat must be in the liquid, so pour the water or the bull. Here's the finished meat.
  • 2 As long as the meat's dry, we'll tire cabbage. Or cut her with a straw.
  • 3 Now we add kale to the top. If all the cabbage doesn't come in, add porn. Added, covered by the roof, almost hung. Crazy cabbage in the cocktail, mixed with meat and add the following potato.
  • 4 That's how all the cabbage enters. The cabbage is interfering from time to time with meat and light on a small flame. Don't push the cabbage to the tears. She's got to be a little crucified. That's all, there's left to be sent, to squeeze and serve. But no! Do as we do. For ready meat cabbage, add 150 to 200 g. Interfer, embassy, squeeze and snuff five minutes. It'll give you a whole new taste.
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