Soulkievski with grass

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 8 People
  • 1 The beginning. Cream oil to get in advance and soften the room temperature. Laugh butter with petty rabbits and kines, long garlic, salt and pepper. Put it in the food film, form a sausage. Send to the freezer. Let it cool.
  • 2 Meat. Cut off the little chips. The main part of the file is rotated by the inner side, covered by the tape and kicked. Oh, it's careful not to break the chip. Ambassador, move. We're doing the same with a small part of the chip.
  • 3 Weed oil from the freezer, cut to pieces. We're putting a little bit of oil on the edge of the cut-off. Put oil in a piece of small fist. Let's turn the butter on, try to close his chips from all sides.
  • 4 Panic. Take three. In the first place, pour flour; in the second, smash the eggs, embroider, squeeze; in the third, pour the dryers. The purified cauldrons are wrapped from all sides into the flour, then into the ovary mixture, then wrapped in the dryer. Repeat these actions three times. The last layer of dryers needs to be sniffed. After the cottage, send 15 to 20 minutes to the freezer.
  • 5 For the heat, take a thick-fashioned pancake, attract vegetable oil and vodka, move it. The oil level should reach half the height of the cottage. Heating oil, laying 2 to 3 boilers, roasting the golden crust. Buried boilers to get out of the oil, smash the paper towel, and put on an adversary, pulmonary paper. Put it in the oven, burn to 170 degrees 7 to 10 minutes.
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