Cream soup from green pumpkin

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 8 People
  • 1 We're taking a three-litre pot. We're talking vegetables: pumpkin and potato to clean the skin (and seeds) and cut to pieces. The average tomato would squeeze the boiler to get the skin off. Petrushka and the cliff.
  • 2 We've got a little tire tire, carrots, garlic, and we're frying them with butter in the middle-powered fire.
  • 3 We add potato, we mix and we pour water.
  • 4 As the water folds, we add pumpkins, lightly fires, and leaves everything easily dripped for about 10 minutes, then salts and varimes until the potato is ready.
  • 5 The tomato is purified, cut to the cubes and added to the soup. Warim's still five minutes.
  • 6 We add a pet and a rabbit, a little pepper.
  • 7 Blender's refilling the contents of the porch. Soup's hot with a pet stick.
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