• Time 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Servings 12 People
  • 1 Clean, clean and clean potato. Push in the boiling water before ready, the water is poured, leaving half a can of potato weed, make a pound, adding a weed, if necessary (done pier should be done without milk and oil).
  • 2 It's small to cut red onions, crab sticks, mix with purified shrimp. You can't pre-empt them. It's just that they're frozen and not so wet. Add a hammer and a black hammer taste. Don't spit 'cause the sticks already contain a large number of salts, for the same reason, don't spill the pound.
  • 3 The Bulgarian peppers split in half by removing the fruit and seeds. Usually, I'm buying a pepper before the limb, but it's best this time to get cheese. Smash the blender into the pot. Add a mixture of onions, shrimp and crab sticks, mix.
  • 4 In one bow to put pantymic ears in the other, to break eggs, to bleed into a light omelet.
  • 5 We'll take a little pound in the palm, we'll take a half-round uniform, we'll deepen it, we'll put it in the top of it, we'll close it, we'll roll the balloon.
  • 6 The croquet that's got is falling into the egg, then in the dryer. So we make croquets out of all the pork and stuff.
  • 7 We'll warm up oil up to 80 degrees. It's easy for me to do it because my cartoon indicates heat temperature. If you've got a pot roast to check the oil heating, put a little piece of crab stick in there, if the bubbles went, and it stitched, the butter's ready for the fritur.
  • 8 We'll put the number of balloons that'll be in the pot, in the oil, and we'll fry up to the crust. If the oil doesn't cover the croquet, just turn them on the other side. For every next gown, pour some fresh oil into the pot and wait for it to heat. So make all the potato balls.
  • 9 Put it on a paper towel to get some extra butter. To be hot to other Peruvian foods.
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