• Time 7 hours
  • Servings 10 People
  • step number 1
    1 The guts are washed and welded in different castes: all these parts are different, and the lungs also wake up and occupy many places. The first water after boiling can be poured and all the other water can be poured. The man's hand is boundnsp; 5-7 hours, heart and lung 3-4. Then we need to clear the guts of the vest, fat and other rednecks. It can be done with cheese, but it's easier with urine.
  • step number 2
    2 As long as it's all cooked up, make it an agit. To this end, we need to take the night-wrapped dried pepper (water to spill) and pass them through the meat cut. I'll miss her garlic. Add ears to them, corinder, cavern and salt. Funny. The proportions of the specials can be changed at their own discretion, making the arson less or more acute, smelly, salty.
  • step number 3
    3 Prepared gums to cut small cubes and mix with an agia. Cutting onions isn't very small, medium. The higher the hot tube, the better the puppets are: the number of grams can be easily increased to ventnbsp;100 volumenbsp; vaporized. Then cut a dagger, and you don't have to go down.
  • step number 4
    4 In the pan, warm up vegetable oil. Put a onion and burn to gold. Add the tomato shepherd, mix. Add the guts and a little (because they're already ready) to fire. Add half the kins, mix and hold half a minute.
  • step number 5
    5 Put the puppets on the plates, and it's better for the gly pans of keci, they're good at keeping the heat, and the dish must be hot. Upstairs the rest of the buzz and the grain of a grenade. It's the best thing to do with mammaliga and corn petals in the middle, both preposterous, not to interrupt the taste of salty and spicy Ajiki.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 183
  • Total Fat 10,4 g
  • Protein 15,9 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 183 g
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