Baccalas and churmas

  • Time 20 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Smash the garlic. Put rice oxy in the small cellar, add sugar, cheek of salt, brush the chili and put it on the middle fire. In a minute, when the sugar breaks and the mixture heats, take off the stove, add garlic and knive oil.
  • 2 Bachelors cut 1 cm to pieces. Heating on average a large anti-price pan, pouring vegetable oil without odour and frying baccalaureate for five minutes. During this time, the baccalaureate must be crucified. If you need to, during the heat, pour some more oil. Put the ready baccalaureate in the sieto, send and leave the glass oil.
  • 3 Take off the cedra and squeeze juice. When a marinade of rice vinegar gets cold, add juice and cedru.
  • 4 Make the noodles in accordance with packing instructions. Take off the nut, clean the cold water and let the water down. It's good to put the noodles on the kitchen towel to remove all the extra moisture.
  • 5 Red onion's onion beetle, you can do it in the kitchen processor. Fucking slice. Smash the green.
  • 6 Connect all ingredients: baccalaureate, noodles, marinade, hurm and green. Smash and smash the plates. Or leave it for a couple of hours, it'll only taste better at that time.
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