Light chicken salad

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 We're taking a chicken breast. If the breast is big, it's 1 if small, then 2. You can buy a chip, that's either two or four pieces of chip. If the bucket is on the bones, we'll take it off the bones and vials before we're ready without adding salt.
  • 2 As long as the chicken's lying, we'll make an omelet. Let's get some milk eggs. If the balls are big, it's three grand. We call with a small cheek of salt and we'll be roasting on a corn with a small addition of cream oil. Try to make an omelet flat, not so much as possible. Ready omelets take off the fire and let him cool.
  • 3 As long as the omelet's gone, we're going to cut the beetle, put it in the plate and put it in the boiler so that the boilers are completely covered. We'll give him about 5-7 minutes, then we'll throw him in the nutcases and give him water.
  • 4 While the bow is resting, we take our omelet and petly cut it with a knife, and then we go to the salad.
  • 5 The chicken must be a little warm, it's too small, we put it to the omelet, we add the onion, and it's all thoroughly mixed up.
  • 6 Then we mix the non-liquids with the mayonnaise in the 50/50 ratio (this is necessary for the salad not to be fat from the mayones) and put it in the salad, mix it up, add any taste specifics. The gas station and the mayonose need not be overwhelmed so the salad doesn't get too wet. But you can't regret it, or the breast will be too dry.
  • 7 We put it on the plates and we steal the salad leaf.
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