Chocolate mandarin dols

  • Time 10 minutes
  • Servings 3 People
  • 1 Clean up all the white elders and other tapes. Thinness number one, put them on the plate and put them in the freezer for ten minutes. It's necessary to get chocolate to catch up on the dolls and not leak.
  • 2 Clean the pistachios and put it in the blender (or a knife) to the small buns.
  • 3 Slice the chocolates and blow up in a small deep cup. Here, either heat up a cup on the water bath or in the microwave kiln, heat 15 seconds, kicked out and back for 15 seconds. In three to five cycles, the chocolate will be completely heated.
  • 4 Get the mandarins from the freezer, bury every dol half into chocolate, and then put it on the pergasm (to get caught even faster, cool the board also in the freezer) and put it in the brush.
  • 5 Because of the mandarins and the board they're putting on, it's very cold, chocolate's going to catch very fast, so you can get some nuts. Put the docks in the refrigerator for ten minutes.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 297
  • Total Fat 20,2 g
  • Protein 5,7 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 297 g
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