The redhead, bee, median, stunny is all the call almost the oldest Russian cake, the copper. History of his origin has a doubtful truth, but it gives the right to have this cake as a queen. Today, this honey dessert has undergone many changes. The cream may be creamy or cream, the nuts are added to the crust or fall on top of the cake. But all of this can't prevent unlimited love for the most famous Russian sweets or the Zaedkams called them earlier.

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 8 People
  • step number 1
    1 Put a cellphone on the stove with water, get a good heat. Upstairs the bear, wait for it to become liquid, add oil pieces. Smash the mixture with the vent until the oil dissolves and leave it on the stove on a small flame.
  • step number 2
    2 In the meantime, at a high speed, begin to smash sugar and eggs, which will take about eight minutes, with a strong white cream.
  • step number 3
    3 Mummy mixes with soda and sew through sieto, so the roots get lighter.
  • step number 4
    4 The copper mixture should purchase brown shades by that time. Take her off the fire, introduce an egg mixture and smash the vein with the top down. Add the flour and laugh again, but it's up.
  • step number 5
    5 For a cake, it'll take six browns of 20 cm diameter, two mm thick. These metal rings are used in the workplace, but the houses of the crust can be left to the eye. There's a part of the test, he needs to be baked by a single skin, he'll go to a honeymoon for jewelry.
  • step number 6
    6 Large condomes like refrigerators are used in the Azbouke of taste. The house oven must be warmed to the maximum possible temperature and stoves for three to four minutes: they must be the colour of the Greek honey and remain soft. When they're ready, put them in the fridge.
  • step number 7
    7 Make an estimate of sugar powder and plan to smash the vent to homogeneous mass.
  • step number 8
    8 Put the cake down: the first ship to put the wrapped side up, smash the cream and the following to the boiled side down. The hamster, too. I'll have the extra bra chop up to the small baby. Put a cake on her side.
  • step number 9
    9 The ready cake can be painted with beards and honey, then cleaned up in the fridge for the night, and it's better for 24 hours, when it's about a half-time low, and then it's creamed.
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