Marines in crude and cream sauce with garlic wheat

  • Time 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Marines are being frozen. Shrimp clean the pancir, pull the bowel. The rings of the calmars are to be cut to small rectangles, the tails of the shrimp three equal parts. The rabbits cut along (I've been able to cut each ridge into three parts, and every mug, and it wasn't too thin.) And cut the horizons that have been acquired across the street.
  • 2 4 garlic toothbrush on small cubes and throw on a rocked charcoal with 30 grams of cream oil, roast to the formation of a golden crust. After garlic, add cut seafood. Take a few minutes. I didn't evaporate all the water I advise you. Remove the fire from the side.
  • 3 In another score, on a weak fire, to unravel the cream oil of 30 g, to add the flour to mix and warm up, constantly laughing. Take it off. Heated milk, poured a thin brush in a oily-much mixture, constantly interfered. The cow's gonna put it back on the fire, put it to the boiling, constantly laughing. Bring it to light swelling. The cheese on the terrace and add to the hot mixture in the pan. Hold a few minutes on fire, until the raw material is fully melted and the sauce is uniform. You can vary the time when the sauce arrives on fire, whichever thickness you want to give it. Then cut off the fire.
  • 4 The tomatoes are gonna pour a boiler, hold a few minutes, get a squirrel, cut a little slice, and just a few minutes torch on the pan, let the juices go. Take it off.
  • 5 Add tomatoes and seafoods, mix everything up, give it taste. A little warming up (when you want, you can put a mass in a glass vault and catch up in the oven, but the sauce may not be so dense.) Distribute, steal the tarchun branch.
  • 6 Baton's cut in half. Break your hands on the porous pieces. In olive oil, add a long-distance garlic tooth and a little hammer pepper. The garlic mixture is to wipe the pieces of the bathton and send them to the spiritual closet, to 170 degrees per 5-7 minutes, before the golden lung crust is formed.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 1082
  • Total Fat 50,4 g
  • Protein 78,7 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 1082 g
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