• Time 20 minutes
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 There's a big terrace with which a purified carrots are used.
  • 2 Orange and lemon are free from the cedra, and the fruits are used with juice.
  • 3 The carrots put on a warm pan to fry a little bit. A little bit of sugar adds to the carrots. It's necessary to fire until it's completely sunk.
  • 4 This is followed by a prepared orange juice and a lemon juice to be evaporated. There's a cardiac.
  • 5 The carrots continue to hang slowly so that our mixture is blunt and dense. Next, the pan is off the fire.
  • 6 The carrot mass that has been obtained will be a plastic one from which the balloons are to be blinded. These balls fall in the hammer nuts, we used the fist.
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