Morkon orange cream soup with ginger

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 5 People
  • 1 Luk's got to get rid of it. 7 medium carrots purify and cut the average bells.
  • 2 Smell one spoon of cream oil, and fry the fore to the softness, add the glued garlic, and as soon as the garlic smells, throw the carrots in the pan.
  • 3 Smash the fire so that the carrots don't heat, and in the meantime, remove the orange stitch carefully and cut it with thin stripes. You're gonna need some juice from this orange, too, so don't let him eat now.
  • 4 Carrots ready can be tested for a fork, it should be soft. Waiting for your turn to put a boullond carrots on. And with him, add orange skins, two tea spoons of a warm fresh ginger, half the tea spoon of a dry ginger, a cinnamon, a pepper, a pepper, a nail, a salt on the list. That's where you get juice out of the orange.
  • 5 Bring the mixture to boiling, and put the fire to medium temperature. Forget about soup for 20 minutes.
  • 6 In the meantime, one bed of juncture can be poured into a dry pan, and carefully fed to a pleasant refugee colour, or until the dagger starts to smell.
  • 7 In 20 minutes, take off the soup, let him cool down.
  • 8 Switch to the blender soup, chat four thymyan stems, add creams.
  • 9 On the finish line, put the cream soup from the blender into a fine dish. If you're lucky to steal a pulp of apelsin, you'll get a dagger. A couple of thymyan branches will be the appropriate decor, but you can clean the dish with a pet.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 244
  • Total Fat 14,1 g
  • Protein 8,4 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 244 g
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