Double white chocolate.

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 A white chocolate base, dissolve the crumble at 50 ml of milk and leave it for time. In a small stein, connect the rest of the milk, cream, sugar and salt, cross, put on the middle fire and barrel almost before boiling, take off the fire, add 100 grams of chocolate, leave the chocolate for a minute so that the chocolate can grow up, then removate to uniformity and return to the middle fire, put on the cradle of permanent milk and cooking. Take off the fire, add cream cheese, strap to homogeneity, stay to room temperature, and then clean up the fridge for the night.
  • 2 Baby of caramelized white chocolate: warm the oven up to 130 degrees. In a small form for baking, distribute the remaining bleached chocolate (75 grams) and cocoa oil and send a mixture to the oven for 10 minutes. Get out, cross the silicone shovel and send back to the oven for another ten minutes. Repeat this procedure with a 10-minute tube and a mix-up until the chocolate buys the color of the raisin.
  • 3 Refill the ice cream base in the ice cream fries and freeze in accordance with the instructions. In the last couple of minutes, we're gonna have to go to the ice cream with a thin string of hot caramelized chocolates (if it's cold, blow it up on the water bath), wait until the chocolate chips get caught, and thenschedule the ice cream into the container and take it to the freezer for a minimum of four hours before the cold.
  • 4 If you don't have a frieser, put the ice cream in the container, take it to the freezer and reschedule the contents of the container every 20 to 30 minutes before the whole cold. Put the ice cream in a broken caramelized chocolate just before the bed.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 566
  • Total Fat 36,2 g
  • Protein 5,2 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 566 g
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