Nyokki with sauce by Strothinsky

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 We're gonna throw a couple of burnt-out stone salts on the enemy, and we're gonna level it up to cover the enemy with a flat layer. We put potatoes on this salt pillow and we fold to 190 ovens per hour (dependent on the size of potatoes). We need the salt to absorb all the extra potato vaginas, then the testo will be porous and air steak, and the nipples themselves will be in the mouth.
  • 2 Prepared potatoes (he must be still hot!) purified from the skin. And we wipe through the sieto or we'll rub it on a small terrace.
  • 3 The working surface is purged with flour, and we put potatoes out. We're adding eggs, salt cheeks, and cheek of nut. And we're gonna start smashing the testo by adding flour. The less we add flour, the more vicious and the air can be tested. So we start with a little bit and add as necessary. The test must be tight, but soft. It's okay if the testo is still sticky-- it's better if the flour doesn't fall off than to fall asleep, and then make the babysitters rubber.
  • 4 Screw the testo in a plate with a thickness of 1.5 cm, cut two cm wide lanes and roll every " Kolba " .
  • 5 Kolbaski cuts in small pieces and, slightly rolling between the palms, cylindrical form. In principle, shape and size can be any. It's also possible to do the sausages (through the ball of the test on the back of the fork) but it's an extra time, and the sauce injection probe isn't that big.
  • 6 We're going to have to go down to the boiling water, we're slowly counting to ten (i.e. 30 seconds) and we'll get straight.
  • 7 We're looking at the bottom of the form for a passate. We're putting a layer of nipples, we're going back to the tomato sauce, and we're going to have a cut mozzarella and a terrace parmesan.
  • 8 Again, sauce, nipples, mozzarella, parmesan, wormed until the layers are over. There's got to be buns up there with pieces of mozzarella. We've got 200 degrees in the oven for 15 minutes until the mozzarella grows.
  • 9 We're stealing the baseball flips and we're gonna go.
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