Oat in cocoa

To obtain saturated taste and aromatic drink, use quality cocoa powder, topped milk (or just burner) and cane or vanilla sugar. This nutritious aromatic dessert is perfect for the beginning of the day, especially in the cold time of the year. And while a combination of meals with drinks is usually not recommended, this exceptionally light recipe in moderate quantities will be a great choice of healthy sweets. Enjoy your taste.

  • Time 15 minutes
  • Servings 1 People
  • 1 Measure a partial milk cup and heat on a moderate fire.
  • 2 To laugh cocoa, sugar and cinnamon, with a small amount of boiling, before having a thick mix.
  • 3 In the hot milk, pour cocoa and, you know, smash it to boil.
  • 4 In the same cup, pour some oatmeal (less than half the capacity) and pour cocoa into it.
  • 5 Once again, I' five to seven minutes, and I'll put a bit of bitter chocolate.
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