Pelmen with snoring

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 5 People
  • 1 Sew the flour through a small sieto in the bow. In a single bow, pour a glass of cold water, break two eggs, add salt and mix it to the homogeneous mass. Then pour the blended mixture into the flour and smash the testo with his hands, when necessary, putting a small amount of flour. When the testo is ready, cover his food film and leave him at room temperature for 40 to 50 minutes.
  • 2 Prepare the meat for the porridge: wash, cut the tape and live, dry the paper towels.
  • 3 Then the meat is small to cut or pass through the meat cut.
  • 4 The beetle shall be cut with small cubes and mixed with the porridge.
  • 5 Green leave (scape can be replaced by a pencil) to be stacked, cut and added to meat. Bring the porce to taste by adding salt and pepper.
  • 6 To make the pellets more sleepy, in the porch, add approximately the half of the butcher (or water). Switch. If there's too much fluid, add some flour.
  • 7 Break the testo, cut the circles with a glass of about 8 centimetres each, fix the porcelain, plug the edges, take the shape of the ear and bark in the boiling salt water or bulone within 10 minutes.
  • 8 Get a pot out of the pot, put it in the plate and put it in with a big bowl of cream oil, and it's swell with a broken green.
  • 9 As an option, the flames can be roasted quickly on a pancake with a olive butter.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 1112
  • Total Fat 46 g
  • Protein 52,1 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 1112 g
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