Sand test pie

  • Time 50 minutes
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 Oil, 0.5 cups of sugar and eggs, mix with blender, mixer or whatever. Use the room temperature butter, it'll be faster and better connected to the rest. If you use salt oil, put salt in the testo.
  • 2 Add the flour and hand to the testo, it must be elastic and not sticky. The sand test before the cut is cooler, put it in the food record and send it to the fridge for 20 minutes.
  • 3 As long as the testo's cool, you'll get ready to fix the pie. Smelt the plums in the stream water and remove the bones, so we need to make a cut along the rack and split them into two halfs.
  • 4 When the testo cools down, separate about 1/3 of it and roll through a rock with a thin plate (on a floury dose). Use the liver form and remove the pieces of stars, earrings or any other to steal the plum cake. If you don't have a figure form, slice a thin strip test plate and close the pie with a diaper (the most common thing is Italian crest).
  • 5 Separate the excess of the test and connect it to the rest of the section, you can unload the flat plate from it (through the cliff) or distribu the testo with your hands. It's very important to make tall pie brats so that juices of fresh plums don't go up against the pie. You don't have to grease the shape of fat in the sand test, but it's enough to put it in the flour.
  • 6 Plastic sand test, put it on the edge. It is necessary to ensure that the juicy plums do not urinate the testo, which may lead to a lack of care, and that the plum juice is thick and not stiff with the cut pieces of the depressed pie.
  • 7 On the top of the test, with a shattered edge, clean the plums up, moving from the outside radius to the interior.
  • 8 Equilibrate the plums of 0.5 sugar. If you use unsuccessful plums or fruit that taste acidic, you can boldly add sugar.
  • 9 Sew some cinnamon sugar. Remember that cinnamon has a rather spicy buckle scent and try not to overdo it.
  • 10 Put the sand test pieces on top of the pie in an arbitrary manner or go off the grid. For more effect, you can lubricate these pieces with eggs, they'll be greasy and crummy.
  • 11 Put the pie in the oven, warmed up to 200 to 220 degrees (depending on how thinly you've unleashed the testo pie) for 30 minutes. The prepared pie is very short of shape, but in view of the fact that the fresh plum is very juicy, try to wait for the pie to be seduced, the thin sand testo after the booze becomes very fragile.
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