Push with pumpkin

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 The pumps are clean from the skin and cut with small pieces - not more than 1-2 cm. We put it in the pot, we pour water, it's not too much for pumpkin to be slightly closed. And on average, five minutes.
  • 2 Then we add the wheat and we continue to barge, while we hang periodically until all the water goes into the crup. The pumpkin will be soft by now, and the cubes can be shredded straight into the pot (at least I like the more homogeneous consistance of the pot).
  • 3 We pour a glass of milk into our future castle, reduce the fire to the weakest, and keep barring, without interrupting, or milk can easily burn. When the milk is halved, we add the rest of it, together with that, we add sugar (in my case, by the way, it was stevia powder) and salt, and we keep cooking, always laughing. It'll take more than 15 to 20 minutes, but it's worth patience-- the longer and slower the variability of the caste, the more delicious it will end up.
  • 4 For the last few minutes, you can go to the oven, so it'll only taste better!
  • 5 Don't worry if the casket first seems too liquid. She's got to insist, that's why she's putting a lid on the pot and putting it in a towel, and better in a few. 20 to 30 minutes of casket, it'll make her taste better a hundred times. And it's only now that you can put a pot on the table, presupposing a hammer cinnamon (if you love her, of course, as I love her!)
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 272
  • Total Fat 6,3 g
  • Protein 10,6 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 272 g
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