BBQ ribs

American kitchen classic. Barbecue Magazine sauce serves as a basis for an improvised sauce that will be added to the balamic vinegar and water that is widely used in the American kitchen as in any other.

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Pure ribs split into four, wipe salt and hammer peppers, lubrate vegetable oils and fry on grill or pancreas.
  • 2 Put it in the cell. Add garlic and pepper pepper. Separately mix 200 grams of barbecue sauce, vinegar and a half litre of water. Lift this mixture of ribs, tilt up to boiling and cook under the roof on a slow light about an hour (or even longer) so that the end of the ease test is to separate from the bones. Put the ribs in the liquid by removing the stove.
  • 3 After that, the ribs must be removed and the fat removed from the marinada surface carefully.
  • 4 Make a marinade to the stables of a thick sauce, adding the remaining barbecue sauce.
  • 5 Heated the oven up to 180 gratars. Smash the ribs with ready sauce and send it to the oven for five to seven minutes.
  • 6 To give ribs, for example, with sharply magnified operas.
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