Cranberry cranberry

  • Time 3 hours
  • Servings 10 People
  • 1 Smash the flour and one pack of dry breezes, add sugar (100 g) and milk (200 ml), carefully. Enter the egg, 80 grams of cream oil, salt and lemon cader. Take the testo. Leave for an hour in a warm place.
  • 2 The rest of the milk is mixed with sugar and vanilla sugar. Keep the bag down and keep it under the roof for 30 minutes. Add cranberry and 25 g of cream oil.
  • 3 Roll the test in a rectangular 20x30, squeeze the cloth and roll in the steering. Push the paper and put the wheel down. Sew flour, cover the napkin and leave for an hour.
  • 4 Spirit to warm up to 180 degrees. Put the roulette out for an hour. If you're lucky, have some sugar cane.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 520
  • Total Fat 18,4 g
  • Protein 9,9 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 520 g
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