Caesar ' s salad with a branded chicken breast and a classic gas station with a Woostershire sauce

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Chicken breasts, tear down the plates and marinate. For the marinada, mix one smeared garlic tooth, half an hour of salt spoons, pepper 1pal, olive oil 1st spoon and lemon juice 1st spoon. San Marino 30 minutes. Then bury them in the warmed pantry to the golden crust, about three minutes on each side (not dry). You can then leave them with plates or cut them with a plictic.
  • 2 Laugh the olive butter and four garlic squeaked toothbrush, and let me stand for half an hour.
  • 3 While the oil insists on, make the pancakes. Get the oven up to 375 degrees. It's the best thing for the Greek is not a fresh bike yesterday. Slice it with the cubes, put it on protein, spray some olive oil and salt (may add Italian grass, dry garlic and peppers). Drink to the golden crust.
  • 4 For the sauce of eggs, warm to room temperature. Push the water, turn off the fire and put the eggs there for 1 minute and put them under the cold water. In the big salad, brush the anchouses and mix with the vusstershire sauce, lemon juice, potassium, a spoon of peppers (if there is no white pepper, possibly for black peppers) and weigh the eggs to the thick mix. Next, slowly pour the olive butter and keep knocking, everything must be mixed into one consistance. Add the blank cheese on the small terrace and mix it well. Try the sauce and, if necessary, add the salt.
  • 5 Put your hands on the salad leaves, fix your sauce, steal tomatoes, grinds and therth cheese.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 995
  • Total Fat 47,6 g
  • Protein 72 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 995 g
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