Chocolate basket

From this basket, all the chocolate production in Ruma’s began.

  • Time 1.30 minutes
  • Servings 15 People
  • 1 In 150 ml of water incineration 600 volumebsp; grams of sugar, an average of 185 degrees on fire, without interrupting. In the meantime, in the microwave or on the stove, heating creams is so they're hot, but they're not boiled. Slowly pour cream into sugar syrup, add cream oil and salt. Everybody cross, take off the fire and let it cool.
  • 2 Orechis (Mindal, Funduk, Cashew), the remaining sugar and water, put in a fat bottom casserole. On the largest power, constantly laughing, caramelizing nuts until they're covered with an even layer of brown eyes. When they're ready, put them on the plate.
  • 3 Temperate separate dairy and dark chocolates: bring 45 degrees in microwave or water bath to temperature, then rest until 33 knbsp; and maintain this temperature.
  • 4 Dairy chocolate, with a candy bag, can be stacked into shape: transparent pulp caps can be used. When the chocolate is cold, you'll be able to put in caramelized nuts. Top up the caramel and decorate the dark chocolate surface of the basket.
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