Two- fish ears

  • Time 45 minutes
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 In the castrill, pour some 2 litres of water, put in water dried water: carrots, roots of pearls and selery, onions, grass, lavary leaf, pepper pepper, and send and fire the pot. After the boiling, we'll have a bologna for 5-7 minutes. Then, it is desirable to put fish directly with their heads, bones and melters, in whole and in two potatoes cut into two to four parts. Smoke fish, depending on the size of 5 to 15 minutes. Take the fish out carefully, put it on the plate, separate the flesh from the skin and bones and take them to small pieces. Potatoes put in a bowl and smash in a poo, add cream in the poo, mix well and put aside. Bulon's gonna heal, put it back in the pot and get it back on fire.
  • 2 The carrots, onions and stalks of the selery and the remaining potatoes shall be cut with the same small cube. Put all vegetables in the boulon, except potatoes, five minutes, add potatoes and five more minutes. I want you to put some potato pepper cream in the castrate, put the soup in a black hammer.
  • 3 In the plate, pour the soup, put the pieces of the fish on top, put the shredded rabbits on top and serve.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 301
  • Total Fat 12,6 g
  • Protein 28,5 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 301 g
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