Creamy risotto with green peas, onion and spinach

  • Time 35 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Cut the beetle with the thin half rings (if it's difficult to target in grams, the length of the stem about 10 cm)
  • 2 Clean frozen green peas under cold water. If you're wearing a hatchet, take four grand and clean them up under cold water.
  • 3 On a strong fire in the pot, put the cream oil down, add the onion belt, permanently stiffing the carcase for minutes 3, then add the spinate and the green peas, cartilage for another minute five, then add the rice and keep pushing for five minutes.
  • 4 Put the boiled water in the castrate so that it covers all the rice with vegetables, bring it to boil on a strong fire, then put the fire to the middle and close the roof for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • 5 Take off the cover, try the rice, it's got to be soft on top and a little hard in the center. The water should be almost all hysterical, stay on the bottom. Put the fire to the maximum, put the cream in, Ambassador, cross and taste it. Add the black pepper, permanently cleanse the scapula for five minutes. When the rice is soft, there'll be a little cream that didn't fit in, you can turn off the fire if you have a gas plate (or take off the hot soup if you're electrical).
  • 6 Leave the risotto tom under 5-7 minutes.
  • 7 You can be served with a terrace parmesan. It's a good combination of white wine. Enjoy your taste!
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 306
  • Total Fat 12,3 g
  • Protein 8,2 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 306 g
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