Smalium salad with salads

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 4 People
  • 1 Smash the calmars. Toss salt water with lavre leaf and pepper pepper. Add purified calmar carcasses, after the boiling, turn off and give me a bit of time, minutes 10.
  • 2 Mixing the mayonnaise, putting a little bit into a separate cup, adding lost floating cheese and garlic. It's good to cross, to homogeneous mass. Salmars cut a thin straw and mix with a sauce.
  • 3 Championes and hinges sniff and fry on cream oil, add salt, pepper.
  • 4 Eggs to clean and wipe the squirrel and yellow on the small terrace.
  • 5 Push cheese and cucumber on a big terrace.
  • 6 Ores burn and petty chops.
  • 7 Now, we gather layers, each slightly smashing mayonose mixture and the estimate is: calmars mixed with sauce; roasted mushrooms; squirrel; salt cucumber; yellow; top up with ruble nuts.
  • 8 Give me 30 minutes to eat in the fridge.
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