Slat with chicken breast and tomatoes

  • Time 15 minutes
  • Servings 5 People
  • 1 Tomatoes are getting rid of seeds and excess fluid. We'll cut the cubes. Put it on the plate in the first layer.
  • 2 Smart chicken breast cuts, flat layers tomatoes.
  • 3 I'm gonna need a gas station at 1 p.m., an estimate, a burner, a home mayonose, squeeze a garlic tooth, mix it up. Distribute the mixture to the chicken.
  • 4 It's a littlesy to cut the greens, put it on top.
  • 5 The next layer is wet cheese.
  • 6 We end the salad with the walnuts, we're going to have a strong tortic.
  • 7 We're stalling the food film and putting 30 minutes in the fridge.
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