A trout soup

  • Time 30 minutes
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 I'm going to throw a float, a ridge, a head, pour water, put it on fire, let it boil.
  • 2 Bags cut in pieces of inch for 2 carrots with bruises, foreheads with thin " fractures " along (in the growth of the bulb). All listed to be placed in a deep hot dishes in such a way as not to be close, to plant a large sea salt, pepper with hammer, torch olive oil. Put it up to 200 degrees. It's our job to get the food to a little burnt.
  • 3 While the oven's doing the job, we'll get the castry's contents to the boiling point, we'll get ten minutes, we'll get the contents, we'll fix the boulon. Bulon puts it on fire again, the potatoes are cut by bruises (as fries) and we throw it in the boulon. With bones, we take off the residue of meat. From the oven, we remove all the aromatic and whispering, pour into it two cups of bulon, squeeze carefully what's coming to the dishes, pour into the potato casserole, add a pepper and a laurel. We'll wait till the potatoes arrive, we'll squeeze if it's not enough. Let's get out and throw laurels out. Stay under the roof.
  • 4 We'll have a green and a lemon taste.
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