Beacon cupcake on orange corn flour

  • Time 2 hours
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 I'm going to wipe the terrace or blender. Separate squirrels from yellow.
  • 2 Add ginger, copper, olive butter, yellow, vanilla extract, corn flour, bleed, ced and orange juice. It's all right.
  • 3 Push the squirrel cheeks of salt into a strong foam and put it in a beverage testo.
  • 4 Smash the oliveive butter uniforms, put the test in shape and drip the minutes 40 to 60 at 180 to 190 degrees. Check the match.
  • 5 Depending on the shape and height of the pie, the time of tuition may increase, I've got 24 cm in it, it's getting low, but it's not too long.
  • 6 For the cream, all the ingredients are gonna beat up.
  • 7 Smashing the cupcake by want, slicing on the crust or just on top of the cream, and holding one to two hours in the fridge.
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