Lemon Kurd and souffle cake

  • Time 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Servings 12 People
  • 1 The number of ingredients is indicated in two large skins, each of which, after decommissioning, is cut in two parts. In the end, we'll have four skins. Take four eggs. Separate proteins from yellows, separate proteins to steady peaks, add sugar (half of 150 grams).
  • 2 Separately smash the remaining sugar and mix with the proteins. Muku 150 g to mix with 50 g of the cradle and add half the soda tea spoon. Add this mixture to the egg mass, make a good laugh. Form to be fed up (I took the dried form) to lubricate oil and pour the finished testo. Skin out of shape. Slow down and cut across. By the same pattern, make the second rack.
  • 3 Lemon Kurd. Lemon juice (100 ml), cedru(1 cafeteria) and sugar (50 g) should be added to the castrate andto boil. 3 eggs carefully and gradually add lemon juice. Reduce the fire and, continuously laughing, drive to boiling. Beat about five minutes, permanently laughing, before dampening. Get out of the fire. Get deep. Clothe on top of something so the Kurd doesn't turn up.
  • 4 Lemon souffle. In the edge (50 g) add sugar (50 g) and eggs (2 stacks) well mixed! Milk in the pot. The thin beetle pours into the egg-krachm mass of hot milk, then pours it back into the pot, slowly lights it up. Take off the fire cream, put it in the dishes, cover the tape, cool. Yelatin (30 g) pour lemon juice (50 ml) and leave it to booze. Then heated a little to dissolve the desirable. I want you to pour juice in the weld cream and mix. Separately squeeze cream and connect everything to add a cedra (1 dining spoon).
  • 5 We're putting it back in a form in which we've had the roots, our already sliced crust. We're talking about his lemon jacket, pouring 1/4 of our muss, putting the next corn on top, and so repeating until the height of the walls of our shape is over, you're gonna have to guess that the last layer is the sky. If you've got extra Kurd, muss and crust, you can easily make one more mini cake.
  • 6 Take the cake to the fridge for three to four hours, I left for the night. He's got a good drink. I made an eyeball in the morning.
  • 7 Eyes: In the pottery, torch chocolate with water, to homogeneous mass. Ironine (30 g) ish in lemon juice (100 g) to dry. As long as I'm hungry, I'm going to add dried milk to the chocolate mass. All laugh, add the flavored. Switch. Take it off. A little chilly. Thort to get out of the refrigerator, get straight out of the shape. I usually disconnect the cake from the shape walls with thin, water-wrapped knife. The cake is carefully with a leg with an oval nose on all sides, uniformly covering the eye.
Nutrition Facts
  • Calories 659
  • Total Fat 27,5 g
  • Protein 18,2 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 659 g
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