Poor oysters

  • Time 20 minutes
  • Servings 2 People
  • 1 We pour a couple spoons of vegetable oil on the hot pan, we squeeze two garlic tooths, and we'll add half a spicy ajiki.
  • 2 Slightly, we put it in the pan and we're frying on the vegetable oil of the onions.
  • 3 When the onion is ready, we add a four-hundred-gram bank of slaughtered Italian tomatoes, 250 g of water, and we put it to boiling.
  • 4 We're putting it (not unfreezed) on the steak of mydia (package 400 g), we're moving and we're going back to boiling.
  • 5 Let's get the fire, the salt, the pepper out, we'-- we' a half-limon, we'll cover the lid, and we'll get four to six minutes.
  • 6 Unsolved mydias should be thrown out.
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