Pig with lemon

  • Time 1 hour
  • Servings 6 People
  • 1 Clean lemons and put them in boiling water. In five minutes, get out and sell cold water. Cut each along six parts.
  • 2 Luk cleans and trims. The ginger cleans and cuts the slices.
  • 3 The meat cuts in six cm. Heated olive butter in a stack and fry meat and onions.
  • 4 Add sugar, ginger and half-lit pepper bell. Ambassador, move. Heating in five minutes, then adding lemons and pouring vinegar.
  • 5 In 5 minutes, pour 200 ml of water or vegetable or chicken bulb and stow on slow light for 20 minutes. Add chicken, raisins. Getting ready without a roof for another ten minutes so the sauce can swell.
  • 6 I'm gonna finish putting the meals on the coroner, and I'm gonna go straight.
  • 7 Welded bite or white rice can be offered as a garrier.
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